Outpatient services are provided to patients with the goal to prevent complications such as infection, to promote healing of the surgical incision, and to return the patient to a state of health. 

Not everyone with an infectious disease needs to see an Infectious Disease Specialist. However, your physician may refer you to one of our outpatient offices to either diagnose or treat specific infections. We will work with your referring physician until a diagnosis is established and treatment is completed.

We also routinely see patients in our offices for follow-up visits after they have been seen by one of our physicians in one of the hospitals we serve. In most cases, after completion of treatment for your specific infection, you will return to your referring physician. Some chronic infections, such as those due to Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) will continue to be managed by your ID physician.

For additional information regarding ID specialists please see the following link at the Infectious Disease Society of America’s website.